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About Us

Cozum Holding, founded in 2000, is constituted of 5 companies; Kart-Sis Card Systems, TSH Technical Services, BS-Tech Biometric Solutions, Destek Software and Kart-Sis Ankara Card Systems which offer turn-key solutions in the field of access control and card personalization.

Kart-Sis, sales and marketing company of Cozum Holding, was founded in 1987. Same year, Kart-Sis had acquired the sole distributorship of Datacard Group which is the manufacturer of the world’s leading card personalization systems and equipment. With it's 90% market share, Kart-Sis is the leading supplier of card personalization systems in the Turkish finance sector. It also provides the best service to many sectors such as tourism, education, health, transportation and telecommunication.

Kart-Sis Ankara was first opened as a branch office in 1995 in Ankara, especially to participate in the local public tenders. With the reorganized group structure in the year 2000, it was repositioned as a district office.

Destek Software was established in 1985 as a software vendor, providing commercial software packages, HR software and employee attendance control systems.

TSH provides customers with a wide range of product and 24/7 technical service. Fingerprint readers, turnstiles, barriers, smart card readers, automatic ticket dispensers, road blockers and GSM remote controls for parking lots are manufactured under the brands "BS-Tech, CH-Tech and Tech-RON".


We are dedicated to offering high quality products with excellent prices and the best customer service. We spend our time perfecting our offerings. Thus our customers enjoy the benefits of our hard work.