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The minimized: Card Attachment Secure System – CASS 6000 “light”

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The minimized: Card Attachment Secure System – CASS 6000 “light”

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The perfect solution for all mailing needs.

Otto Künnecke’s CASS 6000 “light” is the perfect solution for all requirements for card attachment. While the “light” version of the CASS 6000 still possesses all relevant features, in particular with regards to security standards, the set-ups are done mechanically rather than automatically. As machine designed to meet industry requirements, it can do without the “good looks” of the regular system.

The CASS 6000 “light” can process more than 6000 cards/ hour. The cards can be attached selectively on single sheets or continuous paper. Optionally a printer can be connected. As per standard 2 cards can be attached side by side, as an option 4 cards are possible.

Even thin plastic cards or paper cards can be processed. The cards are attached with double sided sticky tape.

The CASS 6000 “light” is available as a variable version for paper sizes from 100x100 mm to 320x320 mm. This system is ideal for GSM and loyalty applications. The system is also available as a fix version, which is ideal for all applications in standard A4 or 8 ½ x 11” size. It is mainly used in the banking sector, but can also be applied in the insurance sector.

The CASS 6000 can stack unfolded paper and also process paper with single folds and C-folds. In contrast to the standard system, the settings for fold and card position have to be made manually at

the CASS 6000 “light”. Vacuum transport provides perfect movement of the paper. The CASS 6000 “light” can be upgraded with an inserting system with up to 16 enclosure stations. All post-processing modules such as sorting, grouping, franking and labelling modules can also be integrated. Software works in real time, the display with MS Windows.

The CASS 6000 “light” is the perfect machine for all applications which require processing of large volumes in short time and which do not need automatic set ups. The machine meets all relevant security requirements and offers an optimal cost/performance ratio.