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MAILok PIN Handling System – PHS-CCL

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MAILok PIN Handling System – PHS-CCL

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Letter with card combined with PIN

What seems to be a contradiction at first sight, turns out to be a customer friendly, economic and secure solution for the dispatch of PIN letters and cards at second glance: The dispatch of card and PIN together in one document.

With this method, the PIN is covered by a security label in such a protected way that any manipulation becomes visible at once. The card is attached to the same letter via double-sided sticky tape.

For the customers this means that they only receive one document with card and corresponding PIN. For the emitting party, this has the advantage that only one machine is required for production and that the dispatch has to take place only once. Claims of a missing PIN or the actual absence of a PIN are now history. Card and PIN are not active yet when dispatched – they are activated when handed out at the cashier’s desk or by involvement of call centers.

The PIN-Handling System – PHS-CCL combines the technology of card mailing systems with that of PIN mailing – all in one machine with the same security level. The system can process up to 6000 cards with PINS per hour; however it can also be combined with the smaller models of the family of CASS card mailing systems. The machine integrates all necessary security concepts for PIN mailing with the approved technology for card mailing.