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MAILok PIN Handling System – PHS-TS

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MAILok PIN Handling System – PHS-TS

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Printing, secure sealing and mailing of confidential data

Every time confidential data has to be exchanged, the mailing has to be sealed mechanically after printing to prevent unauthorised access to this sensitive data. Many current systems only offer elaborate and expensive solutions that do not meet modern design and security requirements anymore: PIN letters for bank cards, for example, are sent to customers with multi-sheet carbon paper.

This can be done in different ways! Otto Künnecke’s PHS – PIN Handling System – TS with Thermosealer® is suitable for applications which require easy printing and sealing as well as efficient distribution and data security. The combination of special paper and automatic sealing offers you a simple, cost-effective and even more secure system.

Printing is carried out with a prevalent laser printer. This puts an end to the common needle printers. With the use of laser printers, further information can be added in dialog with the customer.

Different PINS for electronic banking and ATMs can be combined in one carrier. The system is available offline with stand alone printer as well as an online system for even higher security during processing. The single printed form is folded and thermo sealed and therewith becomes a casing which is ready for dispatch, but which can also be inserted into envelopes.

The PHS – TS is a cost-saving system, which means up to 60% less paper, no elaborate handling, no out-dated technology, significantly less time, effort and waste. Security has highest priority when sensitive employee or customer data are concerned. Our production processes guarantee a no-error-operation and 100% post delivery.