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MAILok PIN Handling System – PHS - TSL

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MAILok PIN Handling System – PHS - TSL

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The modular expandable system for highest security

The PIN Handling System PHS-TSL expands the existing family of PIN-handling systems through combination of approved technology for highest security of your PIN-letter: After printing, the PIN-number is covered by a security label and the folded PIN-letter is then sealed completely on all sides by means of heat. This leads to double security compared to the plain thermo seal procedure with a security label of the PHS-SL. Just like for all other machines from Otto Kuennecke, the steadily modular and stable construction is centre of attention of the PHS-TSL. The system fulfils highest security requirements in the sector of PIN-letter creation and can be equipped with a configuration according to customers needs.

At no time, the PIN-number is allowed to be visible during the production process – also not in case of breakdown or disturbances. This can be achieved through special security measures in the hard- and software sector, e.g. reflecting, non-transparent, electronically secured covers, special access covers as well as cryptographic procedures in the software sector and access to the system.

By means of application of standard laser printers, the design of the PIN-letter can be integrated perfectly into the existing marketing strategy. The thermo seal paper necessary for the sealing process can be printed in any colour and with additional security features. Customised designs in different security levels can also be applied for the labels used to cover the PIN.

The system can be integrated into existing software technologies or equipped with factory-made HSM-software. The printed PIN-letter is folded after affixing of the label by the use of a special paper and sealed with a special sealing unit completely by means of punctuated heat. The finished product can be created either folded once as A5 or folded twice as C6/5. Special sensors monitor the label position and the correct sealing process.

Due to the modular construction, the sealed PIN-letter can also be inserted and sealed ready for dispatch. Due to the possibility of adding further modules like franking- or sorting units, the PHS-TSL can become a complete packaging line for the optimal and secure dispatch of PIN-letters.