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POWER: 200 - 240 V AC


TRUNK: 1.5 mm 304 quality stainless steel or 2 mm DKP electrostatic paint on metal sheet.


DIMENSIONS: 25 x 40 x 100 cm

LENGTH OF ARM: 300 cm, 480 cm and 600 cm

REMOTE CONTROL: Both a button - activated (up to 30 m) or keyless (up to 3m) automatic remote control options are available. Once the keyless remote control module is mounted either on the key holder or the vehicle itself the vehicle recognition feature enables hands-free access permission within 3 meter proximity of the barrier system. Up to 500 button activated or keyless automatic remote control modules can be introduced to the barrierr recognition system.

BUTTON CONTROL: Barrier operates with either single or double button control. In single button control unit, barrier performs the next task in each button push. (i.e.if barrier is on, with the push of the button it will be off). In double button control unit, separate on and off buttons are available for each task.

INTERVAL CONTROL: If automatic activation of entrance blockage is desired in a specific time interval following the access permission, a time interval adjusting unit is available for the Barrier system.

ACCESS CONTROL: For pass triggering, it can be used by dry contact.

SENSOR CONTROL: In case a vehicle stails on the Barrier, or even if for some reason the control unit triggers access blockage, safety sensor prevenets upward motion of the barrier. Once the vehicle completes entry, system resumes its upward motion pending in its memory. System is also equipped with additional safety sensors for trucks.

SMART ARM: Barrier arm is able to sense and react accordingly to an object that contacts with it during its upward and downward movements. For the cases beyond the control of safety sensor, it takes 0,7 sec. For the barrier arm to sense and switch to upward movement automatically during its downward movement. It takes 0,3 sec. for the barrier arm to sense an object in the direction of movement during its upward action, and to stop. It is possible to manufacture the arm in a breakable form in case of a strike.

SYSTEM: Electronic circuitry features microprocessor controlled design. All optional features over the electronic circuit are ready to use. System can be improved with no cost by mounting peripheral connections.

BATTERY: Thanks to battery and battery-charging unit offered as standard in barrier system, it provides an uninterrupted operation of 250 actions, in case of a power failure.

WARNING LIGHT: During upward and downward motion of the barrier arm, flashing warning lights mounted on top of the device are turned on until the motion of the barrier is fully completed.

REFLECTOR: There are reflecting red strips and 'STOP' sign with a night vision available on the barrier arm.

EMERGENCY MODE: Can also be controlled by connecting to security systems (automatic free pass mode during emergency and fire alarm situations).

CUSTOM DESIGN: Offers a decorative look with its custom design for both indoor and outdoor.

INSTALLATION: Mounting kit provides fast and easy installation.

WARRANTY: 2 years