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POWER: 100 - 240 V AC


TRUNK: 1,2 mm 304 quality stainless steel or electrostatic paint on metal sheet


SMART ARM: The arm senses any objects it touches during its back and forth movements and react accordingly.

CONTROL: Dry contact is used for pass triggering. All sorts of access control units and other peripherals may easily be connected.

SYSTEM: It has been designed with a microprocessor control. It has bidirectional operation. It has a data output on the pass direction. This output can either be a digital output or directly sent to a PC when controlled by a PC. System switches to automatic free passing mode in case of a power failure.

SENSOR CONTROL: In the event that a person stands in between the arms while passing, movement of the arm will automatically be stopped by the security sensors even if the turnstile is triggered for closing or is forced by someone via any control unit. When the pass is completed, the system will carry out the closing operation which is kept in memory.

BUTTON CONTROL: Also works with a single or double button control. In single button control, turnstile will make its subsequent movement (closes if open, opens if closed) every time the button is pressed. In double button control, there are separate buttons for opening and closing.

TIME CONTROL: If you wish the turnstile to close automatically some time after opening, it has a time control adjustable to the desired time.

LOCK MECHANISM: It has a microprocessor controlled electromechanic locking mechanism. The mechanism allows passing only by cutting of electric signal given under the control of the microprocessor. In other circumstances, the turnstile should be internally interfered or the arm should be broken by non-permitted passers.

EMERGENCY MODE: Control opportunity linking to security systems (automatic free pass mode in emergency situations and fire alarms) is available. Emergency passes can also be made by remote control. This way, the turnstile allows for emergency exits.

DISPLAY PANELS: Illuminated three-level display provides access control for the system. If turnstile is ready for access, a green arrow flashes. When access is granted the green arrow permanently lights up. While one is passing through, red 'X' sign appears for the opposite direction as an indication of blocked access.

REMOTE CONTROL: Can be controlled by buttons (30 m) or keyless (3 m) remotes. By the keyless command module attached to the key holder, when the user is 3 meters close, the turnstile recognizes the user and opens the gate without pressing any buttons. 1-500 button or keyless remote controls can be introduced to a turnstile.

APPLICATIONS: Unique input and output sound effects, pass alert blinkers, optional body colors.

WARRANTY: 2 years




Dimensions (W x L x H) mm

6574000 / Arm: 75 cm

240 x 260 x 940

6673000 Disabled / Arm: 90 cm

240 x 260 x 940